Why Maine’s silent majority must make their stand, again.

Once again, Maine’s citizen ballot initiative process is being corrupted by outside influences. The state chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a spin off of the former New York City billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety lobby, saw it’s anti-gun proposal LD 1662 clear the final hurdle last week in anticipation of getting on the November general election ballot.

ballot-boxThe Maine Senate followed the House of Representatives in postponing indefinitely the initiative, clearing the way for voters to decide whether or not to force law abiding gun owners to submit to further scrutiny when transferring a firearm privately.

Bloomberg’s big city politics have no business in Maine

Make no mistake, this initiative isn’t about keeping people safe or stopping criminals from acquiring firearms. It can’t be. Those laws are already on the books. In Maine, as it is throughout the country, it already is illegal to knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited person. Similarly, a person that is prohibited who buys, owns or possesses a firearm is committing a felony. Even attempting to buy a gun when prohibited is a crime.

What this initiative is really about is control, conformity and ego. Bloomberg, like many of his elitist cohorts, feel the need to control what others eat, drink and buy. When intelligent, responsible people refuse to conform, the full weight of the billionaire’s war chest comes to bear in the form of litigation and intimidation. Bloomberg’s successes in denying citizens their constitutional rights in numerous weak-willed liberal strongholds have served well to inflate his ego.

new-york-aboveOne thing you’ll never hear discussed are the failures of big city style gun control. States with the most restrictive gun laws on the books are repeatedly the leaders in violent crime. This is a fact, not conjecture. The number of violent crimes committed with guns in states like Maine and Texas pale in comparison to states such as California and Illinois. Which states, by promising to keep guns out of the hands of criminals by oppressing the rights of it’s citizens, continue to watch their violent crime rate soar? It isn’t Maine or Texas, I assure you.

Maine’s sportsmen and gun owners will prevail

shotgun rowAll politics are local. Under this initiative, if I want to add my neighbor’s lawfully owned hunting rifle to my lawfully owned collection, we both must travel 3 towns away to the nearest FFL dealer to complete the transaction. Did I mention the reason he’s selling the rifle is due to the fact he has medical issues, has limited mobility and can’t hunt anymore? My neighbor barely leaves the ridge; driving is a challenge for him.

Metaphors aside, I can give another reason this proposed law is a bad idea. It’s just plain wrong. If supporters of this initiative really want to curb violent crime in their community, they should hold the officials they have elected and appointed to account.

Criminals are continually emboldened by the lax enforcement of existing laws. Before you go blaming law enforcement for this, consider who is largely in charge of policy in urban enclaves. How does adding another burdensome law prevent criminals, who by definition do not obey the law, from acquiring firearms? It will not. They will still use the same means as they used before.

Just as the ill conceived bear baiting referendum was forced on Maine from out of state crusaders, this initiative too will be a failure. Gun owners are sick and tired of repeated assaults on their rights by radical left wing extremists. Mainers are not blind to the fact that this proposed law is nothing more than another attempt at social engineering conformity, wrapped in the cloak of “public safety”.

In the end, only one question remains. Will Maine lead, or will we follow?

Maine flagMaine’s state flag and seal proclaim “Dirigo”. Routinely translated to “I Lead”, this statement captures the spirit, vigor and fierce independence that generations of Mainers are proudly known for.

It also begs the question: Will Maine lead in November, striking down another attempt by outsiders to influence our unique and special heritage, or will we simply fall in line like so many other states and be led by the nose by interests that have no concept of why we can proudly declare, “Welcome to Maine – The way life should be”?

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