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Pattern that shotgun

Spring wild turkey season is upon us. Most states in New England open the first week of May with lucky Massachusetts hunters already in the woods calling toms. Leading up to the spring turkey season, my mailbox starts overflowing with catalogs from outfitters and hunting gear suppliers offering the newest in gadgets, guns and ammunition I need to ensure a successful gobbler hunt. Here is one thing I know for sure: there is no amount of technology that can take the place of a well-placed shot from a properly patterned shotgun.

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3 common mistakes turkey hunters make and how to avoid them


You have been out at dawn and dusk for days, using a locator call to make the big toms gobble and give away their roosting trees. Countless miles have been logged walking field edges and tote roads looking for turkey sign like scratches, dusting sites and tracks. You may even be lucky enough to have a breeding flock patterned.

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Autumn hunting in Maine can’t be beat

This time of year there is a lot going on for the Maine hunter. Black bear is still open, archery season for deer is open and firearm season is right around the corner. Ruffed grouse, wild turkey and snowshoe hare are all open right now too.

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Why Maine is a true sportsman’s paradise

Opening day of the Spring Gobbler season found a way to sneak up on me this year. Usually, I’m well planned and have my spots scouted and prepared. My gear is sorted through, replacing deer hunting equipment with turkey tools. My slate call is well roughed up and some practice calling has already taken place. This year though, none of that happened. To my surprise however, my procrastination set me up for a day that was a prime example of why Maine is truly the sportsman’s paradise.

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