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Category: The Gun Cabinet

Upgrade your 700

The Remington 700 is arguably one of the most prolific hunting rifles ever made. Introduced in 1962, the 700 has made its way into untold numbers of gun safes, climbed countless tree stands and has logged as many miles in the woods as your average skidder in northern Maine. While it is hard to quantify how many whitetail deer have seen the business end of the Remington 700, it is safe to say it is a whole bunch; scientifically speaking.

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Snowshoe Shotguns

Shotgunning for snowshoe hare keeps all of my focus this time of year. The flash of white contrasting against the emerald green of spruce and fir thickets gets my heart pumping every time I kick one out. Much the same as grouse hunting in the fall, the surprise of the flush and fast moving game makes for an exciting hunt.

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AR-15: America’s Next Iconic Firearm?

Samuel Colt’s Single Action Army. John Moses Browning’s 1911. The Winchester Model 1894. These iconic guns are legends in American firearm history. They all have been lionized in print, film and pop culture. Even people who are not familiar with guns easily recognize them.

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