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Predator Hunts

Predator Hunts

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Ample Opportunity

Maine predator seasons are long, with liberal or unlimited bag limits. Coyote can also be hunted at night. Coyotes, bobcat and fox are plentiful on and around the greater Tucker Ridge operating area.

Predator Calling

Day or night, calling is a popular tactic for luring in wary predators. Maine allows the use of electronic, hand held and mouth operated calls for predator hunting.

Bait Hunting

Hunters can also use bait sites to entice wary predators into the open. We provide active baited sites with game cameras installed to monitor predator visits and habits. All legal requirements for bait stations are handled by Tucker Ridge.


Bobcats were once regarded as an undesirable predator, and bounties were paid for them. However, the bobcat is now highly prized by predator hunters and trappers, and these big northern cats wear prime pelts.

Bobcats may be hunted over bait or by calling. The season typically runs from December 1st to mid-February.


Maine has abundant populations of both red and grey foxes. Most are taken by trappers, but there is a separate hunting season for both that runs more than four months, from mid-October to the end of February. Few hunters target them specifically, so foxes are taken while hunting other species like coyotes and bobcats.


Coyote hunting has exploded in popularity in recent years, and Maine’s coyote season runs year round, giving predator hunters plenty of opportunity. Maine’s coyote night hunting season is long as well, running from December 16 to August 31.

Artificial lights may be used, and hunters must be in possession of an electronic, hand-held or mouth-operated calling device.

We offer both a Housekeeping Plan (with hunters providing their own meals in a fully equipped kitchen). Camps are limited to 4 hunters per week. The cost is $850.00 per hunter (Licenses not included) See our predator packet & brochure below for more hunt details. – coming soon

You will not find a better opportunity to hunt Maine coyotes & bobcat on a working salary…our motto is “For hunters, by hunters”

Predator Hunt BrochureBrochure

Predator Hunt Packet – Predator Packet

Taxidermist – DeLaites Taxidermy Brochure

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Text and descriptions provided above taken from Maine Department Of Inland Fisheries And Wildlife ‘Maine Predator Hunting’ brochure