Fishing at TRO

Maine is one of a handful of places in the world — and by far the most accessible — where you can catch wild landlocked salmon in lakes and rivers, and native brook trout in ponds and streams. Higher elevations around the lakes in our area means the fishing stays good long after it begins to wane in southern New England.
Our small mouth bass fishing is hot too. Situated at the border of the Northern & Southern fishing administrative regions, Tucker Ridge is a perfect jumping off point to chase lunkers in Southern Region lakes and ponds or to spend the day bending your rod on the no-limit Northern Region waters.

Maine now supports one of the largest sport fisheries for landlocked Atlantic salmon in the world. Salmon provide the primary fishery in 201 Maine lakes, and they provide incidental fisheries in an additional 103 lakes. They also provide good fisheries in 50 rivers and streams totaling about 320 miles.
The average size of salmon harvested from Maine lakes is 16-18 inches and 1.5-2 pounds, but 3 to 5 pound salmon are not uncommon. Trolling is our preferred method of fishing salmon, with the added chance at a trophy lake trout.

The freshwater bass spawn starts when lake water temps reach 60 F, usually in late May and early June, and the top-water action is red hot through June and July. It’s hard to go wrong with a spinner bait, live bait or popping bug placed enticingly close to shorelines, docks and downed trees.
Live bait, readily available, works great too. There’s enough water — and species — to keep you busy for a week or more. The bass fishing here on the famed Penobscot River watershed — and in many surrounding rivers and lakes — is second to none in this part of the world. Limiting out and 2-3 pounders are common here. Spin, bait and fly-fisherman are welcome.

For those seeking to get off the beaten path in Maine’s fabled north woods, this is the region to do it.

Camping opportunities abound in Maine’s North Woods. Tucker Ridge Outdoors is centrally located to dozens of remote, fish-filled lakes. We offer overnight primitive fishing camps on secluded islands & beaches within some of the local lakes we’ll be fishing.

A combination of cabin stays with a few overnights camping on the island makes for an unforgettable fishing trip of a lifetime.

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