What do you offer and what can I expect?…

Our aim is to provide a full, well rounded outdoor experience for our clients. By offering a variety of services onsite, we can integrate training, education and activities for beginners or advanced outdoors and firearm enthusiasts.

Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation or shooting, we have something for you. We offer guided hunts and fishing trips, canoe & kayak wildlife watching trips, NRA courses, land navigation courses and just for fun firearm familiarization courses for those who just want to know how to shoot an AR-15, AK-47, FN FAL and more.

New to the outdoors? You can take a class, practice your new skills and employ them in the field….all from Tucker Ridge.

Hire John as your Registered Maine Guide and maximize your experience in the Maine woods or on Maine’s pristine waters.

Experienced? You may choose to utilize our rental cabin, rent a kayak, canoe or trees stand and hunt and fish on your own.

What is your background? What kind of experience do you have?…

John & Moira Floyd purchased the property on Tucker Ridge in October 2014 and relocated here from the Pocono Mountain area of Northeast Pennsylvania in October of 2015.

John is a former Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army and was Honorably Discharged after an 8 year career in 2003. Holding Military Occupational Specialties in Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery and Military Police, John has spent the majority of his time in service in the field. As a Non-Commissioned Officer, one of John’s primary duties was mentoring and training.

John is a NRA Certified Instructor , NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a Registered Maine Guide holding specialty classifications in Hunting & Trapping, Fishing and Recreation.

John has scouted and hunted the greater Tucker Ridge area  for the past 7 years…


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