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What’s for dinner?

These bears are even more anxious than I am to get the bait season started. They know where to come looking for the good stuff! We still have 4 spots available for this fall…
















Baskahegan Stream Trip 2018

Load out completed for a 3 day 2 night primitive Camping canoe trip on Baskahegan Stream. Open fire cooking, catching fish, enjoying the wilderness….that’s #MaineGuideLife

Down East Sunrise Trail (DEST) Closed until May 15 OR Further Notice

Effective Today 2/23/2018 – The Down East Sunrise Trail is closed until May 15 or further notice for mud season to all uses, except foot traffic is allowed. Closure signs have been posted at all paved road crossings and parking areas along the trail. In the event that we should get snow again it may reopen for winter uses such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and cross country skiing. Read More…

How I cut the cord and why I never looked back


I still remember the day my wife Moira looked across the table at me, holding the satellite television bill in her hand, and said “This is getting ridiculous.” The monthly charges were skyrocketing and a comparison with the initial service bill was shocking.

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Committee to hunters: You don’t have the right to feed your family

I have three words for the Maine Legislature’s Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife – shame on you. By bowing to anti-hunting activists and out of state interests, you have sold your own constituents down the river. And for what good cause?

LD 11, sponsored by State Representative Stephen Wood, proposed amending Maine’s constitution to establish the right to hunt and fish was recently before the committee for a vote.  The result was a split decision with ‘Ought Not to Pass’ gaining the majority vote. Read More…

Coyote Country

This past deer season was the best I can remember in years with plenty of 200 pound bucks showing up on social media and in photos tacked up by the liar’s bench in many of the small town general store tagging stations. In my local area, big bucks were hanging from game poles all across eastern and northern Maine. I thought, “What if every year could be like this?” It was an intriguing notion.

There is plenty of debate on whether deer mortality rates are impacted more by wintering habitat or coyote predation. I’ll leave that to the wildlife biologists and academics. As a hunter and guide I can tell you a couple of things for sure. Northeast Maine is coyote country and coyotes kill deer. While I‘ve never been a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions, this year I am making an exception – kill more coyotes. If you are new to predator hunting and want to join me this season, here are some tips to help get you started.

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Book Your 2018 Fall Bear Hunt

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Our 2018 Black Bear over bait hunt packets are now available

Bear Hunt Packet – Bear Packet

Bear Hunt BrochureBrochure

Game Processing – D R Cutting Price Sheet

Taxidermist – DeLaites Taxidermy Brochure

This year we are offering both a Housekeeping Plan with hunters providing their own meals and American Plan hunts with all meals provided by a live in camp cook. Camps are limited to 4 hunters per week. The cost is $1200 for Housekeeping Plan hunts and $1450 for American Plan hunts, per hunter (Licenses not included) See our bear packet & brochure above for hunt details.

You will not find a better opportunity to hunt Maine black bears on a working salary…our motto is “For hunters, by hunters”

References are available. Contact us with questions or to secure a spot..

Returning client or are ready to book?

You can pay your deposit or book a specific week online here.


Keep your feet warm with these tips from the cold feet crowd


I recently asked followers on my Facebook page how they keep their feet warm and to name their favorite winter boot. These are hunters, ice fisherman and trappers for the most part, and if anyone knows about cold feet it is this crowd. While there were varied opinions on brand, most agreed on certain features.

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Gun Cleaning Techniques

January is the time I perform the majority of checks and services on all the equipment and guns I’ve used afield since the opening of black bear season in late August. This helps me get reorganized after back to back hunting seasons and square away the residual disarray throughout the shop that inevitably follows. At the same time, I take the opportunity to inspect accessory items like rifle scopes, rings and bases, slings and the sum of other gear that gets put through the paces during varying weather conditions. Rain and snow are by far the biggest considerations as rivulets of moisture always find their way into the nooks and crannies of equipment. Daily wipe downs throughout the season keep the majority of moisture issues in check but nothing beats a complete detail cleaning at season close.

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5 hot destinations for early ice fishing


For most anglers, ice fishing preparations are still under way. Shacks are being readied; tip ups are being checked and ice augers are being uncovered from a mountain of gear stowed in the shed. Most of the state’s waters open to ice fishing are still thickening and anticipation runs high. If you are one of the legions of ice fishing fanatics that simply cannot wait for your local spot to harden over, fear not. Head west young fisherman; December ice fishing is underway in western Maine. Read More…